Scientific Association for the Study of Time in Physics and Cosmology

The University of Arizona
Pima Community College

The Scientific Association for the Study of Time in Physics and Cosmology (the SASTPC, informally SAST) is a collaborative group involved in scientific research and education at the University of Arizona and the West Campus of Pima Community College. The group was founded in 1996 as the Joint Center for the Study of Time (JCST). The name has been expanded to provide for possible affiliated sites associated with the UofA/PCC central site. The SASTPC central and potential affiliated sites are organized around established principal scientists, joined for the purpose of fostering research, communicating that work, and providing educational opportunities for persons of all ages who may be entering the scientific profession or are simply interested in the SASTPC's fields of scientific investigation.
The SASTPC is funded solely by contributions, grants and professional membership fees. All funds are administered through the Pima Community College Foundation, 4905C Broadway Boulevard, Suite 246, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1320.

Site Status
SASTPC.ORG is under active construction. Watch this site for new features and developments! See our Newsletter for periodic updates.


The goal of the SASTPC is to bring together researchers, post-doctoral, graduate, undergraduate students, and other interested parties in astronomy, physics, mathematics, and astrophysics, interested primarily in investigations potentially involving or related to the physical and mathematical nature of time.


The mission of the SASTPC is to provide an environment within which scientists may investigate such fundamental frontiers and to facilitate the communication of the results of their work. As the age of electronic communication continues to develop, the structure of science will evolve to become more open and interactive. The SASTPC represents itself as one of what may become many interlinked scientific centers developing within individual universities and research facilities, eventually decentralizing the current formal, centralized scientific societies.
We support the evolution of interlinked, self-monitored, research-oriented sites. As a group of established scientists, the SASTPC is prepared to participate in active scientific research within such a developing electronic world.
The SASTPC actively seeks grants and sponsors to support and extend the scope of its activities.

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