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This newsletter provides updated information about the SASTPC program as it develops. (updated June 24, 2003)

Links to publications are now available including 'internal' and 'external' publications. An example of an internal publication is a preprint of the invited paper by W. Tifft presented at the conference held in Cardiff, UK in June 2002 as a memorial to Fred Hoyle. (Title: Redshift Periodicities, The Galaxy-Quasar Connection). It is indexed in Publications under W Tifft, Nature of the Redshift, Quantization, At Hi z.

In October 2002 the first of a series of seminar writups tracing the development of redshift work which led to the discovery or redshift quantization was added to the internal publications. The second was added in December 2002, the third in February 2003. These writeups are indexed in Publications under W Tifft, Nature of the Redshift, Summary Articles, Seminar Transcripts. One minor problem may be noted with some files. Underscore symbols replace symbols where a proper font is not available. To see them correctly you may need to magnify a page. The proper display will be present in downloaded text.

W. Tifft presented the Cardiff paper `The Galaxy-Quasar Connection', noted above, as the Steward Observatory colloqium on December 12, 2002. A new seminar series on the Philosophy of Time was initiated in the Spring of 2003. Transcrips of presentations by Dr. A. Pitucco and S. Barr will be posted as internal papers in the near future.

Application forms for various categories of membership in the SASTPC are currently under development. Some are already active on an experimental basis. (Replies are not yet guaranteed!)
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