Scientific Association for the Study of Time in Physics and Cosmology

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Types of Publications

The SASTPC shall be the sole judge of what is displayed on the SASTPC web site, excepting that no display may violate restrictions imposed by any host institution or copywrite provisions. Publications may include:

Research papers: (Internal and External)

Research papers are formal papers developed by site Principals, Co-Scientists, Adjuncts, and Associates. Such papers will be reviewed and internally approved by other site scientists. Such papers will be available internally on the SASTPC web site and/or through external links.

Preprints: (Internal)

Papers developed by site Principals, Co-Scientists, Adjuncts, and Associates which have been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Reprints: (Internal)

Reprints may include unrestricted papers which are publically unavailable, poster papers which are unavailable or available in abstract only, and certain difficult to find papers reproduced with permission.

Viewpoint papers: (Internal)

Short discussions of new ideas or viewpoints or commentaries on various aspects of science.

Letters or short communications: (Internal)

Letters or short communications received, reviewed and approved by the SASTPC.

Seminar abstracts and transcripts: (Internal)

Seminar abstracts and author edited transcripts when available. Such transcripts may include expansions or clarifications when relavant.

Course Material: (Internal)

Course outlines, requirements, and references for courses of study offered by the SASTPC scientific staff will be provided on the site. At such a time as externally available courses of study are developed, certain notes may be provided on site with limited access.

References and Links

Publication lists provided by the SASTPC scientific staff will include standard technical references and links to external sites where the material is available (subject to external site restrictions).

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