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Publications, and How To Find Them

To learn more about available publications click on [what is available]

To access publications associated with the SASTPC select an author's name and a general subject area. The option ALL may be selected in either or both categories but may generate long lists. An author's name may be anywhere in a multiple author list, but only SASTPC persons are indexed. Clicking SEARCH in most cases will then ask you to select from author or subject specific Subcategory and Topic menus. GO then generates a list of specific publications.

Publications available through external links may be reached by clicking on 'abstract' or 'external'. Publications available internally on the SASTPC site may be reached by clicking 'abstract' or 'internal'. Note that the abstract is displayed in a 'pop-up' window. If you are using software that prevents such pop-ups you may need to bypass or disable that software to view the abstracts.

When the full internal display appears you should resize to full screen. The display contains a text frame, a figure index and two figure frames. Figures (if any) are called to either the (L)eft or (R)ight figure window at any time by clicking on L or R for the figure in the index list. Figures may also be called to a full screen window by clicking on the figure in the figure window. Publications use the display in different ways; the first (and sometimes only) figure may contain instructions. Click L under INSTRUCT to put this frame in the left figure window.

Most figures are sized to accommodate two laterally within a acreen which has 1024 horizontal resolution. Resize vertically as desired. Figures requiring higher resolution should have designations (W) (double wide) or (X) (full width) in the figure designation, and require window resizing, use of slider bars or clicking on the figure to bring it up in a full screen window. Some small print, usually in equations, may reqire screen magnification options to read, but should download properly. Figures must be downloaded individually. To download a figure with its caption print from the full screen option.
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