Scientific Association for the Study of Time in Physics and Cosmology

The University of Arizona
Pima Community College


Sponsors are individuals, institutions or businesses which make financial or material contributions to the SASTPC mission. Contributions must be consistent with the mission of the SASTPC and are subject to acceptance by the SASTPC and its host sponsoring institutions.

The SASTPC is funded solely by contributions grants and professional fees. All funds are administered through the Pima Community College Foundation, 4905C Broadway Boulevard, Suite 246, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1320. The Pima Community College Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit tax exempt organization and all contributions (exclusive of fees) are tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law.

Contributions may be made to three SASTPC related areas

  • SASTPC General Operations
  • SASTPC Post-Doctoral Fund
  • SASTPC Endowment

    Contributions to the Post-Doctoral fund accumulate until sufficient to offer a full year post doctoral position, through a host institution, for research directly related to the SASTPC mission. Income from the SASTPC endowment fund, once the fund exceeds a specific minimum level, may remain in the endowment or be drawn in support of the other funds. All membership fees and unspecified contributions are retained in General Operations. Excess operational funds may be transferred to the other funds.

    Contributions should be made payable to the Pima Foundation SASTPC (specify which) Fund at Pima Community College Foundation, 4905C Broadway Boulevard, Suite 246, Tucson, Arizona, 85709-1320.

    Sponsors will be acknowledged by name and category annually on the SASTPC web site (unless anonymity is requested). Contributors will be recognized in five categories:

  • Cosmic Sponsor - $1000.00 or more
  • Quasar Sponsor - $500.00 to $999.00
  • Galaxy Sponsor - $250.00 to $499.00
  • Stellar Sponsor - $100.00 to $249.00
  • Friend - Under $100

    Sponsors are encouraged to make personal contact with the SASTPC for further information. To do so, please visit our Sponsorship Information page.

    To view a list of active sponsors, please visit our Current Sponsors page.


    Grantors are individuals, institutions, or businesses which make grants available to the SASTPC in response to grant proposals generated by the SASTPC. Disclosure of grant funding will be provided on the SASTPC website.

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