Scientific Association for the Study of Time in Physics and Cosmology

The University of Arizona
Pima Community College

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SASTPC offers certain courses through its sponsoring institutions, and may develop some outside correspondence courses in the future. Emphasis will be on intermediate to advanced levels, often including material extending beyond conventional viewpoints or providing background supplementing conventional presentations.

Students at the University of Arizona or Pima Community College may take specific courses formally offered as 'Special Topics' (See the Courses or Individual Studies sections of the Activities page for examples). For current course or individual studies options with SASTPC scientists, see courses available

SASTPC may occasionally have student 'Research Assistant' opportunities. Such opportunities may be announced on this page and/or on the Newsletter page. Interested students may file an application at any time. Unsolicited applications will remain on file for six months. Research assistants work with a principal scientist on specific tasks and projects in accord with their background and abilities. Work may be voluntary, involve individual study, academic credit, or be paid at appropriate student rates (if not enrolled for academic credit). Positions normally involve only a few hours per week.

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