Scientific Association for the Study of Time in Physics and Cosmology

The University of Arizona
Pima Community College


Principal Scientists

  • A. P. Pitucco, Chair of Physics, Pima Community College West Campus
  • W. G. Tifft, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy, University of Arizona
Principal Scientists must have established academic credentials and a demonstrated interest in the mission of the SASTPC. They have present or past formal association with the host institutions and assume central responsibility for the operation of the SASTPC site. Biographical and publication information is provided on the SASTPC web site.


  • S. Barr, Faculty, Department of Philosophy, Pima Community College West Campus
  • M. Shupe, Professor of Physics, University of Arizona
Co-Scientists must have established academic credentials, a continuing interest in the mission of the SASTPC and a present or past formal association with the host institutions. They provide active support to the SASTPC mission. Biographical information and optional publication references are provided on the SASTPC web site.

Additional Membership Categories

For additional information on membership categories, and application information, click on a specific category.

SASTPC professional members are requested to provide annual fees in support of the administration of this site and SASTPC operations. Fees are due in January and are delinquent in July. New memberships are effective upon receipt of fees following notification of acceptance of application. New memberships effective after July apply through the following year.
  • Principal and Co-Scientists - $100.00
  • Adjunct Scientists - $75.00
  • Affiliates - $50.00
  • Scientific Associates - $25.00
  • Correspondents - $20.00
  • Students - Refer to the Students information page All fees are payable to the Pima Foundation, SASTPC Operational Funds at Pima Community College Foundation, 4905C Broadway Boulevard, Suite 246, Tucson, Arizona 85709-1320. In further support of the SASTPC members and non-member sponsors can make tax deductable contributions to assist in the mission of the SASTPC. Refer to the Sponsors page for information on specific area and categories of support which have been established. The Pima Community College Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit tax exempt organization and all contributions (not including fees) are tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law. All sponsors are acknowledged by name (unless requested to be anonomous) on our Current Sponsors page.

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